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Using Organizational Development Services

Who Can Use OD Services?

HR's Organizational Development services are available to all of Emory University, whether it be an individual development need, a department request or a University-wide initiative.  Requests are assigned and prioritized by HR and OD senior leadership.

The cost of these services varies, and depends on the unique needs of the client.  The sponsor is responsible for any fees associated with the services, including but not limited to:  facility rentals, audio visual rentals, and assessments. There is no cost for the design and facilitation of the session, as long as 75% or more of the participants are Emory University employees. Otherwise, a $500 design and facilitation fee applies.

Who Can I Contact?

The Organizational Development team brings a broad range of experience and a consistent, thoughtful approach to helping clients solve organizational problems.

For additional information contact:

Wanda J. Hayes, Ph.D.
Sr. Director, Learning & OD

Randall Lucius, Ph.D.
Director, OD

Jonathan Koestler, B.S.
OD Consultant


Where and When to Use Other Resources

Faculty Staff Assistance Programs (FSAP)

Equal Opportunity Programs (EOP)

Employee Relations (ER)