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Onboarding 101

As an Emory leader, it is important to try to create an onboarding process for your team which prepares your staff to be successful in their roles, and in joining the rest of the members of your team. The daily tasks of Emory’s staff and faculty differ significantly from role to role. Because many roles at Emory are unique to the needs of each department. Still, there are some standard steps which all managers can include in their onboarding program which will ensure your new employees are equipped with the support they need to be successful on your team.


Key points about onboarding for leaders:

  1. Create an onboarding plan which addresses both the logistical and emotional needs of your new hires.
  2. Organize your onboarding plan according to a timeline. A recommended breakdown is before the first day, the first day, the first week, and the first month.
  3. The onboarding process is designed by the leader but should include the whole team in the process of welcoming your new member.


Onboarding Resources:

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