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Performance Management

Performance Management is a strategic and integrated approach to enhancing the performance of people within an organization. It includes:

Emory's Performance Management process is designed to facilitate communication between the employee and his/her supervisor regarding the job performance and accomplishments during a specified period. The process is structured to encourage an increased exchange of information between the supervisor and the employee. Supervisors and employees share responsibility for the process.


Key points about Performance Management for leaders:

  1. Leaders need to become familiar with Emory’s Performance Management competencies and process.
  2. Leaders need to take the time to share Emory’s Performance Management competencies and process with their team, and have individual conversations to set expectations.
  3. Leaders need to set time aside to meet with their team members to review their performance and have conversations focused on the future rather than the past.


Emory Competencies:




Resources for Performance Management 


Performance Management Policy