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Leadership & Behavior Assessments
Learning & Organizational Development provides several leadership and behavior assessments for individual and for teams to increase self-awareness and to assist leaders in determining their greatest areas of strength and areas for development.

Retreat Design & Facilitation
Learning & Organizational Development works with department/division/school leaders to design retreats that meet the specific needs of the unit.  The retreats are customized for the unit and can be delivered on-site or at an off-site location, based on the desire of the unit.  Retreats may focus on topics such as team-building, communication, strategic planning, etc.

Team Building Design & Facilitation
In order for teams to be most productive, they need to be able to work together to accomplish shared goals.  Often issues such as communication, interpersonal issues, conflict, or lack of appreciation of differences can prevent teams from accomplishing their best.  Learning & Organizational Development works with leaders to determine the underlying issues facing a team and then designs team-building retreats to address these issues.